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Bengal Tiger Statues Unveiled on Campus

Bengal Tiger Statues Unveiled on Campus

Visitors to SUNY Buffalo State’s campus are being welcomed by two new greeters—a pair of larger-than-life-sized Bengal tigers statues.

Unveiled to coincide with the arrival of the fall 2013 semester, the statues can be found in two well-trafficked, outdoor campus locations: the Student Union Quad and outside of the Sports Arena.

“I’ve always felt that our students, alumni, faculty, and staff, deserved an inspiring campus landmark that conveys what it means to be a Buffalo State Bengal,” said Susanne Bair, vice president for institutional advancement.

Designed by the Randolph Rose Company, each 8-by-5-foot sculpture weighs in at approximately 450 pounds, is cast in highly detailed bronze, and depicts an advancing Bengal tiger—the college’s mascot—with head raised in mid-roar.

History of the Bengal Mascot
In 1969, a campus-wide contest was held to find a new name and mascot for Buffalo State’s sports teams. Until then, the college’s teams were called the "Orange" or the "Orangemen," derived from the college's official colors of orange and black.

On December 1, 1969, the Buffalo State "Orangemen" men's basketball team opened its regular season against Toronto University. At halftime, the new team name was announced, and Buffalo State returned from the locker room for the second half as the "Bengals."

The Bengal mascot has been a familiar presence on campus ever since—rallying the crowds at homecoming games, marching in parades, even starring in its own holiday video.