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Frog Prince Reading Book

: 32" x 25" x 31"H
$7,400 $7,500

Our Frog Prince garden statue is the picture of whimsy. Joyfully reading a library book alongside two baby frogs. The magical scene has the power to instill wonder and the joy of reading into any viewer, young or old. This statue would be the perfect addition to any library, garden, or public space that could use a touch of magic.

The statue is cast using the lost-wax process, a traditional method dating back thousands of years that ensures the utmost detail and durability. The Frog Prince is finished with a poly-chrome verdigris & bronze patina to highlight all of its intricate elements.

This piece is a customizable Randolph Rose exclusive. There is the option for the Frog Prince and his little companions to have glasses.  Measures 32” x 25” x 31” H.

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  • Lost-wax cast
  • Hand-Applied Patina
  • Ideal for Gardens, City Parks or Libraries

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