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Custom Bronze PlaquesRandolph Rose Custom Bronze Plaques provide you with an opportunity to honor a remarkable community member, a milestone anniversary, dedications, donations, sponsorships or a special family event and are a great way to augment your sculpture. 

Randolph Rose can customize your remembrance plaque in any size, with an inscription in various fonts, and can include your specific photo, image or logo. Your custom bronze plaque can be added to a bench, to one of our uniquely designed statues, or in a placement of your choice.

Our design team will help you commemorate that special moment or person in your life with something that will last forever.

Use the form on the right to provide us with the details of your plaque. We’ll follow up with a call to discuss your project requirements including timing and pricing.


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Casting A Plaque From An Image

Turn any photograph into a permanent, everlasting, beautiful bronze plaque. Working from your images, Randolph Rose can create layouts that are cast as well defined images in bronze. Available in six distinctive styles with various shapes, sizes, fonts and border styles.

Move your mouse over each image for a brief description.

Bas-Relief - Custom Bronze Plaques


For this premium reproduction, sculptors create a dimensional, sculpted relief of the subject. Most commonly associated with portraits, but also effective for depicting buildings, seals and many logos. Suitable for interior or exterior applications.

Low Relief - Custom Bronze Plaques

Low Relief

With the detailed look of a photograph. Ideal for signage, historical markers or any application that needs to tell a uniquely personalized story. Suitable for interior or exterior applications.

Flat Relief - Custom Bronze Plaques

Flat Relief

Raised line art of the subject is cast integral to the plaque. Suitable for exterior and interior applications

Etchings - Custom Bronze Plaques


Etching process reproduces artwork with fine detail and small lettering, as well as halftone photographs, into metal sheets. Recommended for interior use only.

Photo In Metal - Custom Bronze Plaques

Photo In Metal

This economical alternative uses a photosensitive aluminum sheet. Available in either natural or gold-tone aluminum. Recommended for extremely detailed art or older photographs. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Anodized Aluminum - Custom Bronze Plaques

Anodized Aluminum

Used to create spot-color or full-color photographic reproductions. Ideal for interpretive and way-finding color signage, public art pieces, permanent barcodes and OEM equipment. Suitable for interior and exterior applications.

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