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Have You Noticed Our Statues?


"I am so blessed to have had this exposure to Dunedin history and it's all because the Museum offered me a chance to live my passion for leaving a footprint in history. This is the beginning of life's passion as we all work together, so... all aboard!"
-Melba Rilott

You may have noticed the statues in front of the Museum, these were generously donated by Melba Rilott, a Life Member of DHM. Officially unveiled on October 11, 2014, the two life-size cast bronze statues were admired by city and state officials, other vip's and additional onlookers stopping along the trail. Titled "All Aboard," the group portrays a train conductor calling a woman and her young daughter to catch a train in the 1920's, when Dunedin's train depot was in full swing! 

Melba oversaw every step in the development and creation of the statues, ensuring they were historically accurate. She sought out Randolph Rose, a sculptor in Yonkers, NY, and with whom she began frequent conversations. Many renditions were sent back and forth until the final version was agreed upon.

It is undeniable that these statues have already become a staple on Main Street; you can find people at all hours taking photos with the statues, pretending to run along with the mother and daughter, or shouting with the conductor.

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