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Send us your testimonials and experiences with your bronze sculptures. It's a great way to share your experiences. We will be glad to post them here.

Marathon Man
Running Marathon Bronze Runner Statue

The family was very pleased....It is beautiful. Thank you so much! 

Dawn F.

A Garden To Remember

Jordan,  Attached is a photo of the garden.  Once again, thank you for your quick response and wonderful work.  

Denise B.

I went back and took this without the podium in the way. Everyone has been commenting what a pretty spot it is.

Gwenn G.

Circle of Flags Eagle Sculpture
Circle of Flags Eagle Sculpture | Randolph Rose Collection

From: Doug J.
To: Harlan Rose
Subject: FW: Circle of flags eagle sculpture photos

We placed the eagle sculpture at Wylie Park yesterday.  Turned out nice!

It's beautiful!
Decatur County Riverside High- Decaturville, TN Bronze Panther Statue

From: Bobby K

To: Harlan Rose

Thank you. I just wanted to share how much this meant to our family and team. It's beautiful!


Anything is Possible With a Strong Foundation - Custom Sculpture
Custom Bronze Sculpture of Grandfather

Dedictation To: Gaston Williams "Pappy"

Anyting is Possible with a Strong Foundation

From: Seth Williams

To: Harlan Rose, Jordan Rose


Yes, the statue arrived safely and everything was perfect!

I want to thank you and Jordan for everything you all did.

It is a huge honor to my grandfather and entire family that your artwork will be there for us to admire for years to come.

Check out the video of the reveal.


Garden Bed for "Diego"
Bronze Turtle Statues & Turtle Fountains

I bought this at the Flower Show in March and my husband did a special raised garden bed for “Diego”.


See It Here

You Guys Did a Great Job
bronze lion statues

Austin & Family,

The loins now are in their final resting place.

They look great and can now set in the gazebo watch the traffic and see my lions.

You guys did a great job.  Larry H. -Shelbyville, IN

See the lions here

Very Pleased With Their Memorial

Dear Jordan,

It's a little late but I thought you might want to see how we used “Bailey”. Mrs Moss was very pleased with Bailey and their memorial.

This memorial is full of symbolism. The Moss’s have a pet trimming business, and later in life Mr. Moss needed a guide dog, a lab.

They were full moon people and every full moon they would go for walks or canoeing under the full moon.

They loved being outdoors and hiking in the woods and the Red Tailed Hawk was a good luck symbol for them. The Hole represents a passageway to heaven.

The wind chime is a nod to their daughter Maria, from Paint your Wagon’s They called the wind Maria.

Mr Moss grew rosed and besides being called “Toad” he was also known as the Rose Man.

William B. - Logan, OH

Dear Jordan Rose,

Its a little late but I thought you might want to see how we used “Bailey”.

Mrs Moss was very pleasedWith Bailey and their memorial.

This memorial is full of symbolism.

The Moss’s have a pet trimming business, and later in life Mr. Moss needed a guide dog, a lab.

They were full moon people and every full moon they would go for walks or canoeing under the full moon.

They loved being outdoors and hiking in the woods and the Red Tailed Hawk was a good luck symbol for them.

the Hole represents a passageway to heaven.

The wind chime is a nod to their daughter Maria, from Paint your Wagon’s They called the wind Maria.

Mr Moss grew rosed and besides being called “Toad” he was also known as the Rose Man.

Randolph Rose Statue in Storybook Land
bronze frog statues, bronze children reading statues

Hi Austin - It was nice visiting with you at the IAAPA conference. I've attached a photo of the frog and bench that we placed in Storybook Land. We may order another piece in the coming weeks but I need some input from staff. Hope you had a successful conference and have a Happy Thanksgiving. Doug

I Love Her!
Children Reading Statue with Puppy Dog

I just wanted to let you know I received my little girl yesterday. She looks
absolutely amazing. I love her!! Thank you so much!!


Thank you so much!
Custom Bronze Blacksmith Statue Created, Designed, Lost Wax Cast- Randolph Rose


The sculpture arrived yesterday and it is beautiful! Thank you so much! It will be a lifelong reminder of who he was and the legacy he has left.

Thank you so very much!


I will cherish it forever
Dancing Sisters Bronze Sculpture

Austin, I purchased a fountain last year from you in Seattle. I wanted to show you it's home in my garden. I will cherish it forever.

Always, Elyce O.

We Still Love Our Piece

It was great seeing you and your latest sculptures. We still love our piece.


Companions Rest - I Love My Puppy
children and dog bronze statues

I promised to send these photos, once the statue was installed. I finally moved the statue from my living room to the pet cemetery a couple of months ago. We decided that "she" needed to be overlooking the cemetery.

Thanks again for the beautiful work. Hope to see you in San Antonio.

David Brown
Florence Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum

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Welcome to the Shops at Waterford
Bronze statues in shopping centers

They look great, thank you! Paula D.

You work is so much more than art.... it helps hearts!
Bronze Golden Retriever Dog Statues for Memorials & Dedications

From: Diana F
Date: Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 4:43 PM
To: Jordan Rose <>

Hello Jordan,

I purchased a dog statue from you a bit ago for my dads gravesite and I wanted to send a picture of how it turned out!! My family LOVES it!  I thank you so much for your work and help during this hard time for me.  You work is so much more than art.... it helps hearts!

On Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 8:29 AM, Diana F wrote:


I received the statue - she is beautiful!!!  Thank you so much for working with me and making the alterations.  My dad would have loved it!

A Community Comes Together to Dedicate a Statue
RG1439-Custom labrador retriever dog for University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

From: Schneider, Katherine S
Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014
Subject: statue dedication
To: Harlan Rose

Your statue received a resounding welcome today. Your remarks were a powerful part of the program. I’ll be sending you some pictures soon, but here’s a summary of the event.

Hope you can feel the spirit of it; your Juno is a winner.


A Community Comes Together

to Dedicate a Statue

We dedicated a statue in honor of guide and other assistance dogs on the university campus where I used to work on July 25.

Over 150 people and seven assistance dogs were in attendance. The dogs ranged from pups in training to be Leader Dogs to working assistance and guide dogs to my retired guide dog. The people ranged in age from six year-olds to eighty-something folks. A state senator and a state representative came with a proclamation and two city council folk were there. Friends and colleagues from the university, book clubs I’m in, church, community groups where I volunteer and people from my neighborhood showed up. Speakers from the university’s chancellor to a recent graduate who is partnered with a mobility service dog talked about partnerships, respecting the abilities of people with disabilities and interdependence. Refreshments included bone-shaped iced sugar cookies in the university’s colors.

Interdependence was present all the way along from my finding willing partners to help fund the statue to various offices on the campus working together to get the statue placed and the dedication event publicized and carried out.  The feel of the event was the community celebrating the gifts of all its members. Education happened.

A friend emailed me that he came in the building as a gal in a wheelchair wheeled up and her service dog jumped up to push the electric button for the door opener. He’d never seen that happen.

People felt the braille on the plaque as well as patting the 150-pound bronze statue of the guide dog.  Both local television stations and the local public radio station had pieces on the statue dedication.

Now the statue will take up its job of educating and welcoming people to the Student Success Office on campus which houses various kinds of tutoring and services for students with disabilities. Eau Claire gave it a grand welcome.

Katherine Schneider, Ph.D.
Senior Psychologist, Emerita
Counseling Service
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Making Our Vision a Reality
custom bronze horse statue

When I attended the Philadelphia Flower Show, I visited the Randolph Rose Collection and spoke with a woman, one of the owners (I am sorry I didn't get her name).

Enclosed is the article and picture from the unveiling. The large stone will have the story and there will be bricks with donor names surrounding it. (Horseheads also had a brick making factory at one time).

Thank you so much for making our vision a reality.

It is something we are very proud of.

Linda Burke

Designed for Children of All Abilities
Bronze Statues for Parks, Cities, Libraries, YMCA

From: Paul T.
Date: March 9, 2014 at 11:43:31 AM EDT
To: Jordan
Subject: Arbor purchased

The Arbor is located at the Spring Valley YMCA in Royersford , Pennsylvania.
It is the entrance to a playground called Sandyland designed for children of all abilities

Paul and Carol T.

Our "Library - Park"
Bronze library and park statues of children


Here are some photos of the statues our "library park". I will send later some I took this week in the snow. You will see our fountain (much prettier when the weather is warm enough to have the water running).

We have received many nice compliments about the statues and the park.

Betsy W
Danville, Ky
Boyle County Public Library
Beautiful does not describe it

From: Ann I.D.
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 12:39 PM
To: Jordan
Subject: Statue

 Dear Jordan,

I apologize for not responding to your email for a reference sooner but we finally had the statue installed in our local park last month. Thank you, it is more than we could have ever imagined.  Beautiful does not describe it.

It amazingly captures the essence of my son and his dog. It is a wonderful way for his friends to go and smile. I have attached a few pictures for you.  Please let me know if I can still be a reference anytime in the future. 


custom bronze statue of boy with dog

Tremendously Satisfied

Joe Jacobs - Director of Parks & Recreation

Very Pleased

From: Vinnie L
Sent: Thursday, October 17, 2013 11:07 PM
To: Jordan
Subject: From Vinnie Luisi / Statues...


wanted to show you how they look.... everybody is very pleased

with how they look... just unveiled them this last weekend.

Sending you a couple of photos of the statues as they are in front of the museum.

thanks, Vinnie

Wonderful Dog Statues
bronze dog statues

From: Maria G
Date: November 23, 2013, 10:12:15 PM EST
To: Jordan Rose
Subject: Our dogs

Hello Jordan,

Just wanted to thank you for our wonderful dog statues. We think they look amazing, guarding the bay .

With thanks,
Maria G

Read to a Pumpkin
bronze statue of children reading on a bench

Hello –

We’ve had the kids-on-a-bench statue for many years.  Last month we had a “Read to a Pumpkin” promotion.

The attached photo shows who got into the act.



Zion-Benton Public Library



I received the statue last week.  WOW!  What a wonderful piece of art.  'I LOVE MY PUPPY' will go into my pet cemetery soon; but first it's in my living room to show off to all my friends.  Everyone that has seen it, loves it.  Thanks for your work.

David B
Florence, SC

Crown Jewels

Dear Mr. Rose,

We are so very pleased with our bronze statues. They are the "crown jewels" in our garden setting.

It was a pleasure doing business with you.


Tim & Joanne P.

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Gorgeous! Wow!
Bronze statue of two children reading on a bench

Hi Mr. Rose,

Here is a picture of that gorgeous bench installed in front of our library.

We finally got all the issues figured out to attach the bench & WOW does it look fabulous, everyone who comes in to the library is making comments about how beautiful the statue is & what a great memorial for the McGill’s.

Thank you so much for all of your assistance in creating the bench & getting it to us, we look forward to adding others someday! We will definitely tell others about your company.

Best Regards,

Denise L.

Wahoo Public Library Director

Companions Find a New Home

From: F, Susan
Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 11:07 AM
To: Jordan Rose
Subject: RE: bronze quote 


First I want to thank you again for guiding our sculpture choice.  I am especially glad that I took your suggestion on the green clothes.  It certainly adds dimension to the sculpture.

 As promised, I have attached a picture of the sculpture in its new home.



Director of Donor Services

They look great
bronze dog statues

-----Original Message-----
From: K. J. R
Sent: Tuesday, April 02, 2013 8:35 AM
To: Jordan D. Rose
Subject: They look great

My Best Friends are in the Garden
bronze children reading statue by Randolph Rose Collection

From:  Sossy
Date: Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 2:55 PM
Subject: Bronze sculpture
To: Jordan

Good seeing you and thank you for the beautiful sculpture.


They look wonderful
Bronze garden dog statues
From: Dustin G
Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2012 6:26 PM
To: Harlan Rose
Subject: Photos of the Bronze Greyhounds

Good afternoon Harlan,

The bronze greyhounds arrived safe and sound a week or so ago. They look wonderful and I have had many compliments on them. I have attached several photos for you to see them in their new home.

I do have a question for you on the best way to secure them. Originally I had thought of having a local ironworks shop apply pins/dowels to the bottom of the greyhounds, have holes drilled into the brick, and fill holes with epoxy and then place pinned greyhounds into the holes. My painter/carpenter suggested using "metal to brick" epoxy directly on the underside of the greyhounds and attaching directly to the brick (no pins).

The neighborhood is surrounded by a brick wall, but not gated...only one way in and out. It is in a nice area, but you never know.

Do you any thoughts or recommendations on securing them to the brick stoops?

Thank you again for all of your help with ordering the greyhounds.


Dustin - Monroe, LA


See More Bronze Dog Stautes Here

In Honor of My Mom
Bronze Children Reading Statues and Sculpture


 It was such fun talking with you again this year....I am sending you a few "rough" pictures of the sculpture at Lewis Ginter Botantical Garden in honor of my Mom!  I'll try to take some better ones this spring for you to see.

chidren statues

Best wishes to you!

 Jo Anne B- Montpelier, VA

See Companions Sculpture Here

Spirit Lake Library Patrons Enjoy Their Beautiful Sculpture
bronze statue of children reading on a bench at the library

From: Spirit Lake Public Library
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 9:20 AM
To: Harlan Rose
Subject: Re: sculpture

They are beautiful, and much enjoyed by the patrons here at the library. They are sitting right in front of our building.  Here is a photo.

Thank you,


See Children Reading Sculptures Here

Magnificent Statue!
Beauty and Sweetness!
bronze statues for libraries, schools and parks
Sister is so thrilled. It was the perfect tribute
bronze statue of boy anf girl holding an arbor for a park, library or school

From: Mary Margaret J
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 10:55 AM
To: Harlan Rose
Subject: Fw: Statue Pics

More than you asked for...  but will give you the full flavor of the location.

Will try to remember to send you a pic in the spring when the bulbs at the base bloom.  Sister is so thrilled.  It was the perfect tribute.  

Will you send me two copies of your color brochure? I want to have available here and in the Foundation's office in case anyone else wants to make such a donation in the future.  

Many thanks, mmj

Mary Margaret J
Executive Director
St. Catherine's Village
Madison, MS

Everyone loved it
Custom Bronze Statues & Sculptures for Cities, Parks, Communities, Recreation


We had a remarkable event yesterday and the statue is absolutely wonderful. Everyone loved it. Thanks again for creating a wonderful image of Mayor Affronti.

Michael Lant
MJ Lant Developments, Inc.
Suwanee, GA
“Quality Time” is a big hit
childen on becnches reading statues


Mary Ruth Morgan, one of my commissioners, said you wanted the attached for your files. “Quality Time” is a big hit with our members and guests. The day we dedicated the statue our sister city Uiwang City South Korea was here for a visit and participated in the unveiling. Often folks come in the building and remark about how beautiful, fitting and realistic the piece is.

The article appeared in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

Thank you for  a job well done and if you need anything else let me know.

By the way our facility is 60,000 square feet of fitness and classroom space for members 50 and older. We have an average attendance of 750 per day and a yearly attendance of 120,000. We have 17,000 members and over 4500 active on a monthly basis so, your work gets seen a lot.

Feel free to use the information in “bragging” about the piece, we are doing a little bragging of our own.


Lucky Ladybug Girl
Custom Bronze Girl Golf Sculpture Inspired by Michelle Wie

Hi Jordan,

We unveiled the Lucky Ladybug Girl yesterday at our annual party for our non-profit golf program for some local schools in our area. Everyone really likes it and appreciates the story and legend behind the art.

Thanks again for all your help and I hope that this statue will lead to additional business for you folks down the road.

Greg N. PGA

General Manager/Director of Golf

Ko Olina Golf Club


Can't buy any more now but just want to tell you again how thrilled we are with our little boy and girl reading on the bench.

We love it and our yard/garden is the perfect place for it. Thanks!

See Randolph Rose Collection Bronze Children Statues

Youth Baseball Park is a Hit!
Bronze Boy Baseball Statue Hitting Homerun

Harlan –

We have completed a welcome sign to our Youth Baseball Park with the batter in his follow through sculpture.  I have attached pictures for you to see what we did with it.

The end of the bat is approx. 12 feet from ground level to give you an idea of how tall and wide it is.  We designed it to look like a trophy.  Hope you like what we did with the sculpture to present it.

Thanks for all your help.

Brett K
Recreation Coordinator
Fort Atkinson Parks & Recreation


Dear Austin,

Thanks so much for your inquiry............Sorry to say, I don't have any pictures of the sculptures in our children's respective yards, but I want to tell you that every last one of them was delighted with the sculptures and the fact that they were personally selected to fit their individual tastes!!! As a matter of fact, I can't believe that a year has gone by since we worked with you on this "project" (All thanks to Ted Flickinger...), and Bill and I are at a loss for any gift ideas which could even possibly come close to matching last year's!!

Your kindness and generosity..........not to mention, your personal touch as evidenced by Thursday's email to us..........have been greatly appreciated. If I have the opportunity to take a couple of pictures when we are with our respective families, I will try to send them off to you. I can only tell you that the sculptures look superb in their backyard settings!!

Bill joins me in sending warm regards to all,

Mary F.

I just love my girl reading a book

Several months ago I met you at the Texas Library Association Conference. I
mentioned that I had one of your bronze sculptures. I got it from Cape House
Gallery in Staten Island. I just love my girl reading a book- it brings me
so much pleasure just having her standing by our goldfish pond!
At the time I promised to send you a picture or two of my girl reading a
book. Here are the pictures. Enjoy.

Dorette P.

I congratulate you, on creating a unique piece of art
bronze statue and bench of a stack of books for libraries and schools

Harlan: I enjoyed visiting with you by phone today. Here is a photo of me sitting on the library stacked book bench, in front of the bookstore on the square, in Georgetown, Texas on 11-19-10. It is an exquisite piece, and I would so love to have one, for our new Tom Green County Library in San Angelo, Texas. It is due to be completed in 2011. I congratulate you, on creating a unique piece of art, so suitable for a library or book store.

Best wishes, Louis F. Attorney at Law San Angelo, TX

I love what you made
bronze statue of boy playing baseball

Jordan, Here is a picture of a statue your company made for Mr. Staples.

I love what you made.

Yul H.

We Help Create Children's Happy Faces Foundation


Austin: the lions arrived in good condition today and look great. Thanks.

Diane M.

Keep it up!

Nice speaking with you today - Austin had sent an email to my home and i just replied to him - the questions i asked of him yesterday were answered, the frog is ordered , and our beautiful property will now be adorned with 2 fine cast sculptures - my dad isn't living any longer but he would be so proud on how hard we try to maintain the beds, grounds etc - both in landscaping,flowers, and fine work like your family produces - keep it up !

Thanks again - Nancy S.

You made me feel like a hero (on Valentines Day)


It arrived today (I Love My Puppy)! Nancy loves it and we hope to have it appropriately named by Valentines Day. You have helped make me feel like a hero. Thank you for helping make it happen.

Best Wishes,

Bill T.

Chicago, IL

Our Best Frends
Our Best Friends Bronze Sculpture

Hi Jordan:

Finally got around to sending the pictures.  It looks really nice in the yard.

Happy New Year.

Cecilia J.
Adorable Puppy Sculpture for the Kennel Club
Bronze Puppy Dog Sculpture Memorial

Here is the book that was created to chronicle the story of the Marie
Heinke Rainbow Bridge Memorial. The memorial includes the adorable
puppy sculpture from the Randolph Rose Collection. We love the
sculpture and want to thank you for this wonderful addition to the
Glacial Bike Trail in Fort Atkinson.

Mabel S. - Ft. Atkinson, WI
Meet Jacque & Yvette
Jacque & Yvette on bench


Meet Jacque & Yvette. We absolutely love them.

Thank you so much!

Donnie B.
An Appreciation

The bench is beautiful; everyone cannot get over how great it looks. I need your business information as I have had several people asking how to get in touch with you.

They all want to order benches and things so if you would please send me the information website etc.

Again thanks for you patience and I appreciate all you did for me and my family. That means the world to see something that will live on and on.

Joy C. - Alabama
We Love Our Sculpture
three children reading on bench

Just to let you know that we love our sculpture, 3 children on bench reading. My question: does it have a more formal name than the above?? Bette Hooton

A darling little blonde-headed, pony-tailed girl as tall as the statue glanced at it as she came into lib. b/c it is positioned to be seen immediately. She walked toward it and I was watching her as she got nose-to-nose w/ the little girl sitting on the bench. And I heard her say, very softly, "Hi." Wonderful, huh!! 

Richard H.
two girls archway


Just got the two statues situated in our yard and they are outstanding.

Wanted to thank you for your help. Maybe one of these days our ways will cross again.

If you ever need a reference please feel free to call me.

Alan K.
Continued Community Praise
man reading to child on bench

Hi Harlan,

I want to apologize for taking so long to reply to you. We love the sculpture we received from you. It has been a wonderful addition to the library and the community continues to praise the piece! I am putting in the mail today a copy of the local newspaper with a picture of the sculpture in front of the library. The picture ran on the front page of the newspaper in late November. As you will be able to tell from the newspaper article “our little man” has stirred up a lot of talk around town!

We are currently planning a spring event to dedicate the piece and plan to have a few events during the celebration. We will be asking the public to name the man and the little girl. We also will be asking the community to tell us “What is he reading”.

I can’t wait for the input from the community. I have been asked several times if we are going to get any more sculptures. Many people in town would like to see us acquire additional pieces.

Thanks for checking on us and I hope to see you in San Antonio in a couple of weeks.

I will put the newspaper in the mail today!

Talk to you soon,

Susan M.
Turning Heads In Downtown Hillsboro

Have you seen the man sitting on the bench in front of the Hillsboro City Library? Did you wonder how long he could sit there reading or call in a welfare concern?

The new bronze statue purchased by the Friends of the Hillsboro City Library has been turning heads since being installed recently. The man is shown reading a book with a small girl laying on the bench beside him contently listening to the story.

According to Library Director Susan Mann, the friends group purchased the bronze statue to compliment the new sidewalk installed in front of the South Waco Street building by city public-works crews

Art M.
Bronze Girl Reading Sculpture
girl reading

Harlan, all is well!

See the attached picture.

We love her.

Joe A. – Florida
Fishing Boy’s Happy Home
fishing boy

Your bronze arrived in perfect order & looks terrific in our yard.  I attached a couple of photos so you can see he’s happy here.  Many thanks.

Stu & Geri Y.
Dolphin Fountain
dolphin fountain

At the time we took these pics, the fountain water pressure was still not adjusted.... we love the final result. We're still looking for the right statuaries for the 2 niches.

Dick D.
Looks Terrific

Good Morning Austin!

Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived about 10:00 A.M. Friday morning and all is well. I was so busy this weekend I did not even set down at my desk.

The furniture looks terrific. And, I have temporarily placed the little girl, but not photo ready yet.

Will be in touch and thanks again for your help. Deitz and I look forward to our paths crossing again. I will always remember your name as that was my late husband's (23 Yrs) name.

Peggy C.
We Love Our Sculpture
children reading on log

We love our sculpture - We have the "Children Reading on Log". One has its head in the other's lap.

Attached is a picture of our display. The sulky teen in the picture is my daughter on opening day.


Shelia S.
My Little Angel

Mr. Rose:

Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with my little angel. He makes me smile every time I look at him. Thank you so much for your prompt response to my inquiry. I hope to be able to add another of your pieces to my home in the near future. 

Yours Sincerely,

Nita L.
We Are Thrilled


Received the dog today. We are thrilled with it. Thank you very much and have a great day.

Ellen S.
Thanks For Letting the Dreamers Have Fun

Dear Austin, Jordan, and Harlan,

Just had to write to tell you what beautiful work you do. I run a branch library and will never be able to afford to purchase one of your incredible pieces. Regardless, I want to tell you that each time I get an email from you; I’m excited to see what you’ve been up to!

Thanks for letting the dreamers have fun – and thanks to each of you for sharing your creativity and talent.


Lori H.
Kids Talk to Our Statue
Children sculpture - Wisconsin

Hi Harlan,

As you can see from this photo taken by a local resident, the Acrobat Kids are now bolted down.

It's great to see little kids talk to the statue as they walk past it - mostly "Bye, kids" as they leave the building.

What I didn't expect was people asking for the name of the piece and the artist, so now we have that info posted.

Thanks again for a great piece of artwork and answering all my questions!

Bret - Wisconsin
Love That Elephant
Elephant sculpture - South Carolina

Here is your elephant. My husband loves it! Also sent pictures of the rest of his collection. Hope you can find something for Christmas!

Kathi M. - South Carolina
We love "Rose" & "Randy"
Library sculptures - New York

Jordan & Family:

Enclosed you will find pictures of our library with an indication of where the "kids" are to be placed. Thank you for the great tour - we enjoyed it so much and expect to do future business with you. The restaurant you sent us to was out this world - food, service & atmosphere were prefect. Of course going home we got "Lost in Yonkers" but finally arrived back in Waterford. Thank you for everything - We love "Rose" & "Randy"

Daryl, Lana, Gail & Anne Marie - New York
Frog Looks Terrific!
Sculpture - Florida

Dear Mr. Rose:

I received shipment of the frog sculpture last Thursday afternoon and I wanted to let you know that it looks terrific in my garden! Thanks so much.

Barbara S. - Florida
Thanks for the Help
Sculpture - Missouri


I've forwarded you pictures that my sister sent me. It arrived in great shape. Thanks for the help, my sister loves it.

Evans H. - Missouri