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Triphahn statue unveiled in Hoffman Estates

Little Jack Golfing Bronze Statue

This statue, dedicated in memory of former Hoffman Estates Park Board President Scott Triphahn, was unveiled Friday at the Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club golf course’s grand opening.

Friday’s grand opening of all 18 holes the Hoffman Estates Park District’s Bridges of Poplar Creek Country Club marked the unveiling of a statue dedicated in the memory of Scott Triphahn. Triphahn, the longtime president of the park board, died on Dec. 21 after a bout with cancer. He was 53.

The bronze statue, called “The Little Jack Golfer,” is perched outside the clubhouse near the first hole. It’s from Randolph Rose College in Yonkers, N.Y.

 A formal dedication will take place on July 28 at the first Scott Triphahn Memorial Golf Outing.