Bronze Sculpture at Homewood Public Library

The outside appearance of the library changed this past fall with modifications made to the landscaping and the installation of a wonderful new sculpture piece. The new entrance has already proven to be popular with library visitors. Recently, the final plantings were put in, and the new area now provides a welcoming outdoor seating area. We have had many questions about the sculpture so I am providing the following information:

Sculpture facts

The sculpture is part of a series of the Randolph Rose Collection.

The sculpture was a donation to the library made in memory of former Homewood librarian, Mable Murphy and her sister, Nellie Marshall. Both were long time Homewood residents.

In addition to providing a more suitable backdrop for the sculpture the landscaping changes addressed the following:

  • Front door lighting was increased.
  • Overgrown bushes which were obstructing traffic sight lines were removed.
  • Planting beds were raised so that plants will no longer be damaged by winter salt use.
  • Old, pitted, uneven pavers were replaced. The new are water permeable.
  • All new plantings are native to the Midwest.