Mascot Bronze Statues

Why A Bronze Mascot Statue

From elementary schools and high schools, to colleges and professional leagues, sports provide a sense of unity that truly highlights the values of a team and their hard work and dedication.

Mascots represent more than just a team; they bring communities closer with their symbolic presence. Townspeople, families, students and staff can rally around these bronze mascot statues to celebrate their love for sports while cheering on their favorite teams.

Randolph Rose Collection designs and creates bronze mascot sculptures for schools, libraries, towns, organizations, universities, stadiums and colleges across the country that are looking to embody the spirit of teamwork and comradery.

Randolph Rose Collection Custom Bronze Jaguar Mascot Statue for IUPUI - Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

Benefits of having a bronze mascot statue

Bronze is an incredibly durable material, meaning that your statue will be able to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.

By choosing bronze, you're ensuring that your statue will be around for generations to come.

Bronze maccot statues have a timeless appeal. They never go out of style, and they add a touch of elegance and whimsy to a parkm stadium or entrance.

Bronze is low maintenance - it doesn't require regular cleaning or polishing like other materials and it won't rust or corrode over time.

Bronze statues of children, mascots, & people help create a sense of community and togetherness (great branding too).

Your Lucky Charm

The word mascot is derived from the French word “mascotte” which means lucky charm.

Mascots are rooted in the history of a town’s culture and origin. Bronze mascot statues are more than just pieces of art, they’re prominent landmarks that are featured in courtyards at our sports fields and grace the entryways of stadiums.

We are honored to create these everlasting landmarks for patrons to enjoy while cheering on their favorite hometown teams.

Our bronze mascot sculptures are physical embodiments of the passion and spirit fanbases and communities have for their teams. All of our bronze mascot statues vary in sizes & shapes – they can be crafted small enough for a backyard garden landscape or big enough (monumental size) to be displayed in front of a school
entrance, sports field, camp or football stadium.

...and The Art of Bronze

We have created dozens of school mascot statues depicting a wide selection of animals: Bears, Alligators, Knights, Horses, Lions, Jaguars, Dogs , Eagles, and more.

As a family-owned business for over 50 years, we are honored to be part of creating memories for families, communities and organizations. With our extensive knowledge and expert craftmanship, we can transform your vision into bronze art for you to celebrate for generations to come.

Check out our Mascot Statue Collection and show off your school pride!

Contact us for a complimentary consultation to create your mascot in bronze.

Randolph Rose Collection Custom Bronze Cougar on Books Mascot Statue for Copeland Middle School - Rockaway, New Jersey

Celebrate that special someone - person or animal

Do you have a retired coach, player, alumnus or community member, or even a dog you would like to honor or memorialize with a custom bronze statue?

Randolph Rose creates bronze statues of people and dogs (almost any breed) for local parks and communities.

We take pride in our ability to create custom bronze park sculptures that meet the individual needs of our clients.

Learn more about our custom statue process.

Make It Bronze

We’re excited about the opportunity to work with you. Let’s get started on turning your inspiration into bronze reality today!