Custom Plaques & Memorials


Randolph Rose Collection Custom Bronze Plaques Celebrate What’s Important in our Lives.

It’s the people who have lasting impacts, from family members to donors who make a difference. It’s the places where we learn and live, like our universities, schools and communities. And it’s where we play and cheer, from city parks to undersized T-ball diamonds to mighty professional sports stadiums.

Recognize, memorialize and honor anyone or any place that’s important to you with a custom bronze plaque that will stand the test of time. Whether we design it to stand alone or accentuate a sculpture, park statue or garden fountain, a Randolph Rose Collection plaque will add just the right touch of meaning and class.

Custom Bronze Text Plaques

Bronze Plaques – If You Can Think It, We Can Create It

We can custom design and cast any plaque you can imagine. From pictures to logos to type treatments, in any size or shape and with any font or image, there are no limits to what we can create.

  • Cemetery and Remembrance Plaques
  • Memorial Plaques
  • Military Plaques
  • Veteran Plaques
  • Medical and Law Office Plaques
  • Professional Office Plaques
  • University, College and School Plaques
  • Federal, State and Government Plaques
  • Parks and Recreation Plaques
  • Dedication and Recognition Plaques
  • Signage
  • Historical Marker Plaques

Plaque Styles

Letter Plaques

Sometimes a few well-considered words are the greatest tribute of all.

Simply provide the words you want, and we’ll help you figure out the design.

Give Me My Bronze Plaque Quote

Plaques with Images

There are times when images truly are worth a thousand words.

When that’s the case, we can create a plaque using your photo as a model. The process is similar to what we do with letter plaques.

Once you approve a design, we cast it so your image is a well-defined bronze plaque.

In Relief

In bronze plaques and other works of art, “relief” refers to the process of creating differences in height by removing background to bring forth objects and people.

Five Ways to Incorporate Images Into A Bronze Plaque

1. Bas-Relief


This is premium reproduction that results from our sculptors creating a highly dimensional relief of a subject.

Bas-relief is most commonly associated with portraits, but it’s also effective for depicting buildings, seals and logos.

2. Low-Relief


Creates a dimensional image with the detailed look of a photograph.

It’s ideal for signage, historical markers and other applications that need to tell unique, personalized stories.

3. Flat Relief


An economical alternative to a bas-relief or low-relief.

A flat relief refers to raised line art of subjects with incised lines that provide detail.

4. Metal Etching


The etching process reproduces artwork with fine detail and small lettering, as well as halftone photographs, into metal sheets.

We recommend this type of plaque for interior use only.

5. Photosensitive Aluminum


This is an economical alternative to etchings that we recommend for extremely detailed art or older photographs.

The process imprints images onto photosensitive aluminum sheets that are available in either natural or gold-tone aluminum.

It's a Simple Process:


1. Select a Style

Choose the style of plaque you have in mind. If you have questions or would like additional information on any of the styles above, contact us at 914-423-2047 or Info@RandolphRose.com.


2. Get a Quote

Fill out our simple “Get a Plaque Quote” form. Please include any text you desire in the “Description” section and attach photos or other graphics. If you know what fonts, borders or backgrounds you’d like to use, list those, too. If you’re not sure, don’t worry; we’ll contact you to offer suggestions, ask questions and get any clarification we might need.


3. Estimate

We provide you a written estimate of cost, shipping fees and delivery time-frame.


4. Let's Get Started

After you approve the estimate, we'll send you an invoice for a deposit.


5. Proof - The Fun Begins

We create and send you what’s called a “proof,” a graphic representation that shows what your plaque will look like with all the details – words, images, borders, backgrounds, etc. This is the time to let us know if you want to make any adjustments.


6. Production

Once we finalize a proof and you give your thumbs up, we work our magic. Each plaque is different, however normal production time is typically 2-3 weeks after production starts.


7. Your Plaque Is Here!

We’ll ship your plaque wherever you need it to go, whether it’s across town or around the world, via all the major carriers.