Park & Recreation Bronze Statues

Enhance your park & community...

Do people in your community spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying their local parks?

Local community parks encourage people to spend more time outdoors,
while providing an open and inclusive space to mingle
together, excercise or simply enjoy the scenic setting of the park.

But what if that local park could be even more beautiful, with inspiring and eye-catching bronze statues dotting the landscape for their visitors to admire?

At Randolph Rose Collection Design Studio, we specialize in creating stunning bronze sculptures for parks, gardens, public areas, recreation & sports facilities & camps.

Our portfolio of bronze park statues showcases some of the incredible projects that we've completed across the country and throughout the world since 1972.

Pledge of Allegiance Girl Sitting in Wheelchair Bronze Statue

Free Style - African American Children Skateboarding Bronze Statue

Benefits of having a bronze statue in a public park

Bronze is an incredibly durable material, meaning that your statue will be able to withstand all sorts of weather conditions. By choosing bronze, you're ensuring that your statue will be around for generations to come

Bronze statues have a timeless appeal. They never go out of style, and they add a touch of elegance and whimsy to a park.

Bronze is low maintenance - it doesn't require regular cleaning or polishing like other materials and it won't rust or corrode over time.

Bronze statues of children, mascots, & people help create a sense of community and togetherness (great branding too).

Huge Custom Bronze Statue of a Baseball Glove with Bats & Balls for Entrance to a Park

Celebrate Diversity - Bronze statue set of four children of different ethnicities holding hands

....with The Art of Bronze

Being a family passionate about participating & watching sports (let’s go Knicks!) we love to create park statues highlighting children
playing sports, dancing, reading, and fishing for parks, sports
fields, stadiums & recreational facilities.

Our bronze sports statues also showcase team coaches,
cheerleaders and a diverse selection of children playing
baseball, softball, football, golf, soccer, tennis & more!

Feedback from our clients has led us to cast statues which represent children from all backgrounds. Designing and crafting bronze statues that represent different ethnicities and highlights children of all abilities is
important to us when creating community park statues.

We’re honored to help encourage inclusivity in parks and
communities, like with one of our favorite children’s statues:
Celebrate Diversity, Fun with Friends which is a bronze sculpture of four children of different ethnicities holding hands.

Your mascot in bronze, forever

Our animal statues of bears, lions, or wildcats (and almost any mammal or sea life creature you can imagine) are utilized as mascots for sports teams, stadiums & schools. These larger than life-size bronze mascot statues become meeting points and photo opportunities for visitors and your patrons.

Bengal Tiger Bronze Mascot Statue in Republic, MO

Places like Republic, MO place our animal statues such as this huge bronze tiger as a branding opportunity to bring more visibility to their city.

Celebrate that special someone - person or animal

Do you have a retired coach, player, alumnus or community member, or even a dog you would like to honor or memorialize with a custom bronze statue?

Randolph Rose creates bronze statues of people and dogs (almost any breed) for local parks and communities.

We take pride in our ability to create custom bronze park sculptures that meet the individual needs of our clients.

Learn more about our custom statue process.

If you're interested in adding a bronze park statue to enhance your public space, we'd love to chat with you.

We can't wait to help you create an even more beautiful park for everyone to enjoy!

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