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Libraries are a vital part of any community. They offer a place for people to gather, learn, promote reading and are open to all.

Randolph Rose Collection has been creating beautiful, life-size bronze statues for public, academic & school libraries for over 50 years, and we are passionate about it.

Our bronze children reading statues & functional bronze book benches are sure to inspire and delight anyone who visits your library.

Adding a library statue can be a great way to add an air of elegance, sophistication or whimsy to any indoor reading or garden setting, and they can be a source of inspiration and learning for people of all ages.

After all, libraries are more than just places to check out books – they’re community hubs that should be inviting to everyone and a reflection of the community they serve - diverse, inclusive and welcoming,

Story Time Bronze Library Statue

Stack of Books Functional Bronze Bench Statue

...and enhance your library

Randolph Rose Collection understands the importance of libraries and is dedicated to creating beautiful, unique library statues that will inspire people of all ages.

We strive to create pieces that will delight and engage people of all backgrounds, raising the profile of your library in the process.

That means that we don’t just create any old library statue – we will work closely with your Friends of The Library groups, library directors and library boards to design a piece that reflects the unique character of your library and patrons.

We want our statues to be more than just an addition to your library, we want them to play a part in your community’s identity.

With our experience and passion for creating beautiful bronze library statues, we’re confident that we can create a piece that you and your community will love, forever.

Browse our portfolio of children reading & library statues, bronze book benches, & custom bronze sculptures to see examples of our collection.

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