Custom Bronze Sculptures

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality With a
Randolph Rose Custom Bronze Sculpture

We are humbled and grateful to all those that have allowed us to create memories that last a lifetime.
Randolph Rose Collection custom bronze statues are designed to honor treasured loved ones, veterans, local heroes, pets, mascots and celebrities who have made a lasting impression on others.

Recent custom bronze sculpture projects include:

  • University Mascot Sculptures
  • Life-Size Animal Sculptures
  • Patriotic & Military Statues
  • Children Playing & Reading Sculptures
  • Famous Sports Athlete Statues
  • Children with Special Needs Sculptures
  • Life-Size Family Statues
  • Memorial Sculptures
  • Large Bronze Fountains
  • Tabletop Bronze Art
  • Family Pet Bronze Statuary and More

A Randolph Rose custom bronze sculpture will capture in exquisite detail, exactly what you want and how you want it.
There are no limits on what we can do. From two to twenty feet, we have the ability and know-how to design and cast the most incredible bronze art.

The TImeline

1. Based on our initial conversation, we will do research and planning for your custom bronze sculpture.
2. We will present to you a scope of project, along with a timeline and cost analysis.
3. You will supply us with photographs, sketches or other collateral for the basis of the design, with any specific requests pertaining to color, dimensions and size.
4. Once we agree on a photo, we will start making the life-size clay mold. If your project requires, we may start with a maquette (scale model).
5. During the mold making process, we are in constant communication with you, providing updates to your mold.
6. We will continue to make alterations to the mold and will only proceed to casting, after your approval.
7. Your sculpture is cast in bronze at full scale.
8. Patina and a protective wax coating are hand-applied.
9. Mounting brackets are installed (optional).
10. A custom plaque is welded and affixed to your sculpture (optional).
11. After completion, we will deliver your sculpture via our white glove delivery service or third-party shipping and logistics company to your location.
12. You enjoy!

Why Work with us

    We offer one on one personalized service throughout the entire process. We realize that commissioning a custom bronze statue is personal, something that evokes memories and emotions.

    We are here to help guide and collaborate with you, taking into consideration your budget, time-frame, location and specific important details.

How we craft our custom sculptures

All of our bronze sculptures are created using a technique called the “Lost Wax” Casting Method.
This method has been passed down from generation to generation and produces the highest quality and preserves the gorgeous details for an extraordinary sculpture that is truley a work of art.

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