Clarkstown to Unveil D-Day Statue at New City Community Center

The memorial titled Fallen Soldier Memorial -Battle  Field  Cross will be dedicate on Thursday, June 6, 2019, at Clarkstown's Street Community Center in New City.The Fallen Soldier Memorial - Battlefield Cross - at Clarkstown's Street Community Center

NEW CITY — A sculpture honoring those who served during the D-Day invasion will be unveiled Thursday at Clarkstown's Street Community Center.

The statue made from a bronze cast by the Randolph Rose Collection of Yonkers is called "The Fallen Soldier Memorial-Battlefield Cross." 

The sculpture is of a combat helmet that rests on a rifle stuck in the ground next to a pair of combat boots. A set of dog tags hang from the rifle. It is a depiction of grave markers left for soldiers buried in the field.

The statue, which cost the town $3,950, stands about 4 feet high and weighs 150 pounds.

George Hoehmann, the Clarkstown supervisor, has invited several veterans of D-Day —  the day 75 years ago when the Allied forces landed on Normandy Beach in France during World War II — to be part of Thursday's unveiling ceremonies.

Hoehmann called the new memorial "a lasting tribute to all who have fallen in battle from Clarkstown and a reminder of all that the Greatest Generation sacrificed to ensure liberty and freedom for the world."

"The Fallen Soldier Memorial-Battlefield Cross" that stands outside the Street Community Center in New City, June 5, 2019

The tribute, which stands beside a plaque that honors all of the town's veterans, is part of the final phase of the community center's $4 million renovation.

Street Community Center, where three Clarkstown senior citizens clubs meet, also houses the town's Hall of Heroes. The hallway recently added murals depicting soldiers in armed conflicts stretching from the American Revolution through the War on Terror, and a large image of the American flag.

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