EVERYONE was blown away, everyone loved it.


Well, after some serious crazy days, it all came together last minute.

I found an angel at YRC in Vegas that was somehow able to convince the team there to pull the bench out over the weekend.

I was able to pick it up first of the week, go the little girl late on Tuesday, and I had a welder lined up on Thursday to come out.

And made it up to the school for the dedication on Friday. EVERYONE was blown away, everyone loved it.

I didn’t have time to do the final install, so I made a blank for it to sit on so everyone could enjoy it, and I will go back this week to do the permanent install.

I really appreciate you and your teams efforts to make this happen for me. It was an amazing day that many will remember forever, and the bench will be at the school for everyone to enjoy for many many many years.

Thank you again so very much.

Mike A.

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