From Families to Municipalities, Our Clients Appreciate Quality and Lasting Value

    You Imagine It, We Create It

    Our Clients are at the Center of Every Bronze Piece

Municipalities, Government, Parks, Schools and Libraries

Art is an essential part of a community. It creates interest, draws attention and beautifies areas for all generations to enjoy.
Public spaces, reading gardens, business districts and recreational facilities take on another dimension when our bronze art is incorporated into the master plan.
Our delightful and unique collection of children reading statues, sports statues, special needs children sculpture and inter-generational sculpture designs have brought accolades to venues throughout the world.

Shopping Centers, Charities, Country Clubs and Corporations

These venues utilize our sculpture to highlight points of interest and create a special environment for their patrons, members, staff and visitors.
Our collection has been an integral part in fundraising for dedications, memorials and sponsored events.

Architects, Builders, Landscape Professionals and Designers

Professionals rely on us to get their projects completed in a timely matter. With over 47 years of experience, we know how to put the finishing touches on a single residence or large commercial property in order to make them exceptional.
Our unique sculpture designs are placed in both interior and exterior settings.


Retailers appreciate our diverse selection. A mutually beneficial partnership is based on quality, selection, price and terms. We are constantly introducing new styles and welcome suggestions from you and your customers. We are capable of creating custom designs for any concept or installation.
The Randolph Rose Collection prides itself on our excellent customer relations and service as proven by being a leading vendor for select retailers across the country and abroad.
Contact us for retail opportunities.


Homeowners are provided with the opportunity to capture everlasting memories and add to the beauty of their homes and gardens by placing our sculptures in just the right area.
Our extensive collection include life-size children "at play", animals "in-motion", sports statues, classic tiered bronze fountains, traditional urns, planters, benches and garden accessories.
These timeless and elegant works of art will be part of your family legacy to share with the next generation.

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    We’ll walk you through the whole process of commissioning a bronze sculpture and be there for you from start to finish.


    we’ll walk you through the whole process of commissioning a bronze sculpture and be there for you from start to finish.