Randolph Rose Collection

Spring Training

: 59" x 43" x 62"H

This grand bronze sports statue, created using the lost-wax casting technique, embodies the spirit of America's beloved pastime, baseball, with an extraordinary level of artistry that elevates the overall aesthetic of the bronze baseball sculpture.

At the heart of this bronze masterpiece is a substantial baseball glove, positioned between two prominent baseballs on either side, while three substantial baseball bats stand behind the glove.

Our expansive bronze sculpture depicting baseball equipment forms an exquisite ensemble that collectively captures the lifelike textures and intricate details of the glove, bats, and baseballs.

The supple leather of the glove, the meticulously rendered stitching on the baseballs, and the sleek wooden finish of the bats are all faithfully replicated in our bronze baseball sculpture.

This interactive and breathtaking addition is ideal for baseball fields, parks, recreational facilities, and baseball stadiums seeking to commemorate one of the most beloved sports through our bronze mascot sculpture.

Notably showcased at the Henry S. Parker Athletic Complex in Salisbury, Maryland, this exceptional piece stands as a testament to the sport's enduring legacy.

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